Friday, 26 February 2016

BV: Call Sheet 1

I created a table consisting of the frame, what was in it, and the mise-en-scene, which relates to the storyboard, I tried to make it as detailed as possible in order to make it more clear what was in each scene.

Shot and movement 
Establishing shot, = sense of location. 
Very girly song, stereotype of teenage girls e.g. One Direction           

Over the shoulder shot. Main character is in it, but can’t see her face. Follows the character as she walks forwards.
Non-diegetic music continues.

Long shot of character going up escalators. Camera is still. 
Music continues. 
The top half of her body can be seen, she is wearing a white dress.
This represents her innocence. 
She’s holding her phone, and has a black handbag
Rat’s eye view of her shoes on escalator. Camera is still. 
Music continues, diegetic sound of escalators.
She is wearing black converse.

Over the shoulder of her using a photo printing machine. Camera is still.
Music continues. Sounds of her operating the machine.
Her nails are painted pink. This reflects her girly nature. 
The printing machine is already there, in a shopping centre.
Close up of her hand, holding a photo. The camera cuts closer in on the photo, where a guy in the background can be seen.
Music continues. 
There are 4 friends in the photo, linking arms, smiling, wearing dresses. 
The person in the background is wearing black, and a balaclava. 
Would need the dresses, also guy in background is holding binoculars. 
Close up on her face. She looks nervous, eyes darting around. Camera is still. 
As she pulls out her earphones, the happy music stops, and there is dead, eerie silence. 

White earphones, classical and also emphasizes her innocence. 
Long shot. She begins running.  Camera moves with her. 
Very quiet, dramatic music begins, drums.
We see her costume in full, white dress and black converse. 

Long shot, her walking through turning doors. Camera is still.
She is going into the underground car park which is dark and dramatic. Low key lighting.
Dramatic music continues to build up, getting slightly louder and more insistent, building tension. 

Character bends down, out of breath, looks up and looks around. The dark background looks intimidating. 
Music gets much louder and more dramatic.

Cut to a medium close up of her face. A figure appears behind her, and pulls a sack over her head.
A handheld camera is used to reflect her unsteady state of mind. 
Music get the most dramatic and as the sack is pulled over her head it stops suddenly, loud and scary.
The character is flushed from running, which can be achieved through blush. She could also be sweating, from fear/ exertion, through some water on her forehead. 

Black screen.  
Voice of the character talking about her kidnapping, “It’s been 9 months.” 

Long shot of character slumped in a chair. Looks upset. No camera movement. Opposite her is a psychiatrist, sitting straight in contrast. 
They are talking about the character being kidnapped and tortured. 
The main character is wearing grey joggers and a black hoodie. 
She is wearing no makeup although a light foundation would be used to make her pale, and bags under her eyes – brown eyeshadow. 
We would need the location of the psychiatrist room or a normal room that we could make look like one.

Over the shoulder shot,  
Camera is still.
Psychiatrist’s shoulder, main character can be seen.

Some very gentle but dramatic music in the background. 
Diegetic sound of them speaking to each other.
Looks sad and upset, depressed. 
Painting on the wall, modern art, geometric shapes. 
Over the shoulder shot,  
Camera is still. Main character’s shoulder. Psychiatrist can be seen.

Psychiatrist wearing long earrings and perhaps some glasses. Dressed in white = connotations of medical work/ contrast to main character.
There is binary opposition between these two characters, Psychiatrist look healthy and happy. Glasses and earrings = props.
Close up of main character’s face. No camera movement. 
The music becomes more urgent and dramatic, the psychiatrist’s voice fades out/becomes distorted = reflection of her fear/discomfort.
Again, character is dressed in black dark grey= binary opposition to her formal self, innocent, wearing white and also to the psychiatrist.
Makeup/ face paint to make her look tired and upset.
Repeated flashbacks. Flashing between past and present. Close up of the girl tied up, very harsh, flashing lighting.
Uncomfortable high pitched noise, music is distorted and confusing=her mind set. 
She is wearing a grey t-shirt. There is blood on it. She has a lot of cuts and bruises on her face, a black eye. Sweating a lot. 
She has a gag around her mouth. 
Long shot, main character stands up and sprints out of the room.
The music and high pitched noise have reached the peak.
She is wearing the same converse.

Extreme close up on the door handle. 

Mid shot, door slams, title appears in a red font. 

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