Thursday, 1 October 2015

Claude Levi-Strauss Concept of Binary Oppositions


Claude Levi-Strauss was a French anthropologist and ethnologist who developed the concept of binary oppositions. This theory is good when we consider the use of stereotypes. Most of the time, it is obvious when the binary opposition is at play.
Some basic examples for these binary oppositions are:

  1. good - evil
  2. male - female
  3. old - young
  4. rich - poor 
  5. strong - weak

One example of a film with a binary opposite, known all over the world, is "The Twilight Saga".

These movies have a binary opposite within the entire theme of Werewolves against Vampires. Also known as the warm blooded against the cold ones.

Another example, would be any superhero movie. In the film "The Dark Knight", Batman is considered to be the Hero (good) whereas the Joker is considered to be the Villain (evil).

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