Sunday, 25 October 2015

Vodcast 1: Titles


This is my first vodcast in which I will be talking about Titles and explain the idents of my 5 genre specific horror movies.


"This is my first vodcast in which I am analysing good examples of titles and idents shown at the beginning of the 5 genre specific movies I had to analyse in class. Very often these idents and titles are used to establish and show the genre of the movie to the audience, before the movie actually starts.

In this movie, the ident of "Lionsgate" has been used to emphasise on the horror genre. Usually the ident looks exactly like this. So you have the "Lionsgate" ident surrounded by a blue sky and clouds.
However, in the movie "The Cabin in the Woods", the media producers decided to put it like this, so with red clouds, really trying to emphasise on the genre.

Another great example of a movie where the idents have been used to establish the genre, is the film "The Conjuring". In this film, there are two main production companies. One of them, which is Warner Bros. that has the ident that usually looks like this, and the other production company is New Line Cinema where the ident usually looks like this.
However, in this film, "The Conjuring", the media producers decided to put the idents in very dark colors, so they made it with grey clouds in the background to really underline the horror genre and also create the tension within the audience.
There was also a non-diegetic sound in the background of drums and very dark music, so this also added to the tension and the genre. 

A very good example where the titles have been used to emphasise on the horror genre is this movie called 'Insidious'
In this case, the media producers decided to put the production companies names first in a red font and let them turn into a grey smoke and then fading into black one by one. The font strongly links to the convention of the horror genre, since the red color often symbolizes blood, danger or hell. 
When the titles of the actors appear on screen, they are shown on a background of black and white pictures of the outside and inside of a house.
This really stands out and a clear contrast is created. The audience focuses on this contrast and this again emphasise on the horror genre and creates tension. 


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