Friday, 18 December 2015

Analysing films and their budget

According to box office mojo, the budget for Bridget Jones Diary, was $25m. In the UK, this would be considered as a very high budget for a film. However, in the US this would be considered a mid-budget.
Films that have a budget of $100m or more, are known as tentpole films. The companies that are known as the Big 6 are the ones that are mostly known as the tentpole films.

All the Big 6 companies have used the vertical integration strategy. Meaning that they create the three steps themselves:
  • Distribution
  • Exhibition
  • Production
For most Warp movies the age rate is at either 15 or 18. A recent Warp Film called "17" was given an age rate of 15, which is considered to be low, since the most common on is 18.
For nearly every single one of their movies, Working Title uses big american stars such as Renee Zellweger in Bridget Jones Diary (BJD). This is why they have such a large budget. For example the worldwide box office for Bridget Jones Diary was $281m. For a long time, the US revenue for UK films has been around 50%. However, for this movie, the US share of it's revenue was 25%.

The markets in every single country keep changing. The chinese market is likely to become the largest market because of the increase in the population. All the ROM-COMS, that are often produced by Working Title, are romantic so that they can appeal to a large, international female market. However they are also a comedy, so that they can appeal to a large male audience.

For Bridget Jones Diary, the UK owned $60m. There is a rule, called the Gant rule, that argues if a film would be a hit in Britain, it will make 10 times the money then it would in America. Bridget Jones Diary is an example of a movie that was a hit in Britain due to the fact that it is a British production.

The movie, Everest, was distributed in 65 different companies worldwide, because it is owned by such a large company. It totally owned $200m globally, but will probably increase as it is still screened in the cinema.

The movie called Mickybo and me was a film set in Belfast, which is in Northern Ireland. This film, produced by WT2, had a budget of £5m. However, Warp got their highest budget ever when they produced 71' with a budget of £5m. There other movies such as This is England was produced with a budget of £1.5m.
In the movie '71, the social realist genre was established by the hand-held and shacky camera footage.  There are also a lot of political aspects to it, but also a lot of violence. The movie was distributed in 10 different countries, including the UK and won many awards. However, according to Box Office Mojo, it only owned $1.6m.
The film from Warp that owned the most was This is England, which grossed $8m worldwide.  

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