Monday, 4 January 2016

Evaluation - Tyrannosir Swede

After finishing our swede, we screened it in class and analysed what was good and what could have been done better in terms of editing and filming.

In the first scene when Kristian (Hugh) is kicked out of the restaurant and calls for his dog "Fanten", the pace of the cutting was too fast-paced and there is a loss of continuity, since we filmed Kristian in different positions and there wasn't a smooth transition in the movie.

Also due to the fact that Kristian changed positions and we filmed from different angles, the ambient sound changed and the microphone picked up the wind from different angles and therefore there were different diegetic sounds. Furthermore, there is an ambient sound of church bells before Kristian says dispose and the do is kicked. In this case, over-dubbing is very useful and can be used to record the audio and recreate it on the video. However, one could also record an amount of continous ambient sounds, which can then be added to the clips so that continuity is established.

In terms of shot variety, we haven't used many different shots. During the scene where Kristian is calling for Fanten, we have only filmed medium close-upsclose-ups and mid-shots.

We should have added different shots to create an effect. For example, the kicking of the dog should have been in slow-motion and should have been filmed from different positions. In addition, there could have been added a non-diegetic dramatic music, since this is a very important and sad scene in the real Tyrannosaur movie from Warp.
Moreover, the angle's didn't change either, so there wasn't any change or dramatic effect.
We could have done a black and white effect when the dog hits the ground, to add a dramatic effect and show that it has died. Also, when he kicks the dog, there are a lot of non intentional jump-cuts, which create a lack of continuity.
We should have done more coverage, meaning that we should have looked for different material. For example, we could have done an extreme close-up of an object such as the champagne glass.

In the funeral scene, the editing could have gone better, if we would have gone from the cross and book upwards instead of downwards from my (preacher) face to the book and the cross.
Also, we should have done an extreme close-up on the hand, to really emphasise on the cross and the sad times of a funeral.

However, in terms of cinematography, there is a shallow field of focus of the me (preacher), which in this case works well, because there is nothing important in the background in terms of context. The entire focus is on the funeral.

When the camera pans to the right, to look at all the characters, one character is looking into the camera. In this case, there should have been more directing to tell her that she shouldn't look into the camera. It is important to always give clear and precise direction and instruction of how the director wants the actors to look and act.

Furthermore, the funeral scene was edited, so that it kept returning to the master shot to create continuity. This is good editing, because if you don't do it, you will get unintentional jump cuts, that will create a lack of continuity.

In terms of cinematography there is shaky footage. At some points, it is appropriate with shaky footage such as a chasing scene. However, in the case it would have been better with a tripod, since the goal is to make the film realistic and shaky footage makes it unrealistic.

The second last shot of the funeral scene of Kristian is an extreme-close-up , which is very useful because it is supposed to show emotion.

At the beginning of the music shop scene, we could have done crosscutting between Adel and the door handle opening. This would have been useful to show Adel's exact reactions and emotions when the door handle opens. It would have been useful to have had the very first shot of the music scene on the door handle. This would have been a useful use of foreshadowing to show the audience that it will open and something is about to happen.
The different shots and the framing of Kristian behind the music instruments created a good sense of continuity.


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