Friday, 15 January 2016

New Pitch - Summing up the revised idea

After a first practice shoot that we had in the big shopping mall, we discovered that we would have a lot of difficulties filming in there, due to the massive crowds of people and loud noises.
Bronwen and I decided to do our second group pitch, to explain how we changed our entire plot. We were not happy with our original idea after we had tried to do a practice shoot for the Auchan scene in the big supermarket. We discovered that it was really hard to work with sound within a supermarket.
Due to this, Jonathan, Bronwen and I got together and planned the idea step by step by doing a rough storyboard. After that we created a screenplay ad a call sheet.

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  1. post title: New pitch: Summing up the revised idea [and add to an idea update links list too]


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