Friday, 22 January 2016

Production Schedule: Version 2

15th of January - creating idents

22nd of January - Deciding on exact costume of the girl choosing her exact clothes and make-up (stereotypical girl, wearing pink possibly heels as well)  

23rd of January - Creating the 5 photos that the girl will hold in the "Auchan scene" (taking pictures with the girl and her friends, guy/stalker wearing black in all of them with a mask.

23rd of January - Starting the filming procedure in Bronwen's basement, filming the scene where Olivia is threatened with a knife. Focusing on the mise-en-scene with candles, sheets etc.

2nd of February - Filming the Auchan scene. Focusing on the acting and the costume of Olivia.

5th of February - Working on the editing, using Final Cut, and looking at which shots are missing and if we have a good sound, continuity and shot variety.  

16th + 19th + 20th of February (after holidays) - add title sequence and idents, using Final Cut, finishing editing

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