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Call Sheet 2

After having changed our idea, and deciding on all the final details, we were able to create a call sheet with the individual shots, basic scene and shot summary, dialogue and props, costume etc. This call sheet was a useful guideline to when we had to film, and after we filmed we added some more detail in there about the different shots. So this is the final version of our call sheet.

Call Sheet



(shot type, movement,

MISE EN SCENE (location, props, costume, make-up etc.

(note any directions)

Scene 1:

A dark screen, where all you can hear are footsteps and then a door opening and closing. Adding sound effects to signify that it opens and closes.

The basement then comes to sight, when a red bulb light turns on and flickers. We first see a bulletin board, where a lot of different things are attached such as pictures, locks of hair, calendar, newspaper articles etc. 
The killer then all of a sudden comes into the shot and focuses on the different things by lighting at them with the flashlight. 

The killer will come by a picture of the house, where we will frame in on the picture of the house and after that cut into the next scene that is an establishing shot of the house from the outside. Signifying that the killer is now outside of her house.


Long shot of the room, where the bulletin board is attached on the wall

Medium shot when he walks closer to the bulletin board.

We are framing the killer so that the audience can’t see his face until right at the end.

Point-of-view shot when the killer walks towards the board.

Pan from the left to the right to show the entire board.

Showing each of the individual props on there by using extreme close-ups.


A basement at one Jonathan’s house. His basement will be covered in plastic and will light in a very dim flickering light.


Bulletin board
Locks of hair
Small bags to put hair in
Map over the house
Pictures of the girl
Picture of her FB profile
Picture of her house
Newspaper articles
Red Pins
Red light bulb


Black hoodie
Black gloves
Black jeans
Black combat boots


No make-up at all. Only the killer wearing his mask, but his face is not yet shown.

Killer is breathing heavily

Scene 2:

The killer is outside of the house.

There are point-of-view shots, taken with hand-held footage from behind a tree of bush to signify that he is observing from his perspective.

There is then a light that turns on in one of the rooms. Then cutting to the girl in the bathroom, signifying that light turning on was from the bathroom

Once in the bathroom, the girl is brushing her hair She is then putting on red nail polish on her nails and some of the nail polish drips onto the table. 
There will be a flash forward, created with the use of a match cut. Blood is dripping on the floor running down her legs and landing on the floor in the basement. Signifying that blood will be spilt and showing what will happen to her. 

It then cuts back to the bathroom scene, where she is now fixing her hair and tying it up in a ponytail. The second she ties it tighter, there is another flash forward to when her hands are tied with rope down in the basement. Her hands are covered with blood and wounds and are tied really tightly.


Establishing shot from the outside of the house.

Point-of-view shot from the killer’s perspective, from behind a tree.

A master shot of the house. Panning upwards to show how the light in the bathroom turns on.

Cut to inside of the house, girl coming into the bathroom and turning on the light.

There is then a shot seeing the girl walk into the bathroom from the back and standing in front of the mirror.

Creating a close-up, from inside the closet, where the girl is taking the nail polish out from

Mid-shot of her closing the closet and walking back towards the table next to the sink to put on the nail polish.

Low angle shot that shows how she is observing her finger nails.

Close-up on how she puts on some on each nail and then all of a sudden the nail polish drops onto the table. Creating a deep focus on the red nail polish that is signifying blood in our flash forward.

Mid-shot from the side, showing how she is brushing her hair.

Low angle, looking up on the girl to see how she is putting her hair up.

A close-up from the back, the focus on her hair to see how she is pulling it tighter and creating the flash forward where rope is tied around her hands.


Jonathan’s bathroom.


The killer’s costume consisting of the black clothes and the mask.

The girl’s costume is a pair of blue jeans and a plain white T-Shirt. We decided to make her clothing very simple, because we are counter typing and a final girl never dresses that girly, but has a very simple and nerdy style.


Fake blood
Red Nail Polish
Wooden chair
Hair band


No make-up at all, except fro the nail polish. Signifying that she is the nerdy clever final girl, who prefers to spend her time on books rather than make-up and clothes.

Girl sighing when she looks at her hair in the mirror.

Scene 3:

She walks into her bedroom and grabs her bible to go to church. When holding it up, there is a close-up of it and the shot cross fades to when she is in church praying with her bible in her hands.

After a while she gets up and leaves the church and say amen. Outside she gets a false scare, when someone puts a hand on her shoulder. It is however just the pastor who wants to give her back her bible because she forgot it in the church. She immediately calls a friend right after to tell her what just happened. While she does that, the killer comes up behind her and puts a bag over her head.

It immediately cuts to black, and we create an audio bridge where the friend is still on the phone, yelling for Casey, the girl.


“Haha it’s just me, I just wanted to hand you your bible, you left it inside”.

“Thank you”

“Hey Claire! Omg I just had the weirdest feeling that I was being watched and then the pastor just scared me because I forgot my bible in church haha”.

“Omg that must have been so weird”.

“I know, I felt really…” (ahhhhh scream)

Audio Bridge

 “Casey! Casey are you there? Casey!”

Extreme-close-up on her bible and cross fading into the same extreme close-up when she is in church.

Creating an establishing shot of the church to show the calm environment she is in.

Focusing on her lips and her silent prayers.

Mid-shot when she get’s up to walk out of church.

Going back to the establishing shot of the church as she leaves it.

Point-of-view shot with hand-held footage from the killer’s perspective to show that he is observing her wherever she goes.

Over-the-shoulder shot, when the pastor puts his hand on her shoulder.

An extreme close-up on her face to show how scared she got, when someone put his hand on her shoulder.

Shot, reverse shot between her and the pastor while they exchange the small dialogue.

Mid-shot when she takes her phone out and looks relieved.

Dials a number. Extreme close-up on her phone. While she talks into it, there is a focus pull, putting her into shallow focus and the killer sneaking up behind her into deep focus.

Bag is pulled over her head and cuts to black.


The church at Limpertsberg in Luxembourg




Killer’s costume with all the black clothes and his mask, which is finally revealed.  

Girl jumping when the pastor puts his hand on her shoulder.

Screaming when a bag is put over her head.

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