Friday, 15 April 2016

Coursework: Slasher sub-genre an overview

In our coursework as an example, we know that the main genre is horror. There are 4 main types of horror genres known as Psychological, Killer, Monster and Paranormal. Our coursework would be an example of the Killer one. These 4 main types can then be even more in depth and have what is called sub-genres.

sub-genre or sub-genres are categories that are subdivisions to a larger genre. As an example, when looking at the table above, slasher genre is a sub-genre of the killer horror genre. So our coursework is also a slasher genre. In the small boxes, you can also see examples of movies that are in the slasher genre. In that box, there are examples of the two movies "Friday the 13th" and "Halloween". Our coursework is inspired from Halloween by John Carpenter from 1978 and therefore we can say that it fits perfectly with this table.

Below is a page of a slideshare presentation that I found:

As you can see a slasher film is as mentioned a sub-genre of the horror film genre. Our coursework is more slasher than horror since it contains several of the slasher elements. For example our killer is represented as a psychotic masked killer who keeps young girls trapped in his basement. Also, we were filming some shots where he should kill the final girl with a knife, which is used in slasher movies to  represent the sexual assault. It is also represented as a phallic object, which is taken from Freud's theory on the psychosexual stages. You can read more on the semiotic analysis of our idea in the post that i did called semiotic analysis

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