Thursday, 21 April 2016

JP: Update: Our new Working Title explained

After having created our rough cut 6, we came to the conclusion, that our working title "Not My Face" did not suit our film. Therefore, we decided to sit back down to brainstorm on the title for our film opening. We looked into something that has to do with religion as well as media, since our final girl is religious. We brainstormed on different words such as angles, heaven, hell, cross and many more. We ended up, deciding on "Cross-Cut", which we thought to be very suitable, since it comes from a media term (e.g. "cross-cutting") also known as parallel editing. It is used when there are two or more scenes happening simultaneously on screen but at different locations and times. 

The main female character in our film is religious. We denoted this by having a scene where she goes to church, as well as her picking up and forgetting her bible. This introduces a double meaning with our title, since it refers to the editing technique as well as the religious aspect of our film.

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