Sunday, 17 April 2016

Titles for our Rough Cut 6

After having gotten feedback on our Rough Cut 5 with music, we decided to change the font of the titles. 

As you will be able to see in the first post Bronwen did on titles, there are common conventions of horror/slasher titles in the specific movies we analysed such as "Insidious", "The Cabin in the Woods", "Friday the 13th" and many more. You can see in my link list on my blog, which horror/slasher genre movies we analysed. 
Some movies, such as Halloween, did not have the typical conventional fonts of a horror movie (look at the picture on the left). However, it is also to note that this movie was produced in 1978, and the technology to create fonts such as the ones from the movie "The Cabin in the Woods" did not yet exist. 
After the feedback that was given on rough cut 5, we had to change a couple of things including the titles. Since Bronwen had created the titles for rough cut 5, I wanted to do the ones for rough cut 6 so that I could learn how to use Final Cut Pro X to create titles. 
I decided to use the font called "Friday the 13th", which I found on I considered this font to be just the one, since our coursework has something in common with all the "Friday 13th" movies. The killer in the friday 13th movies is called Leather Face. It is a typical slasher convention, that the killer is a psychotic masked person. Therefore, I intended to use this font as a connotation that our film opening and the friday 13th movies are in some way linked to eachother. 

The font is red, which denotes the blood and danger that is in the movie.  Also, it is written as if someone had written it with blood so that it is splashed a bit all over the screen, denoting that a lot of blood is going to be spilt. 

We created a video where we did a titles rough cut with 3 different ways of introducing the titles. This video is going to be shown to some of our target audiences, who are then going to tell us which of the 3 title sequences they consider to be better fitting for our final cut and why they think this. The audience feedback will be done soon, so that I can include it into my evaluation questions.

I also decided to do a vodcast on this post, since I thought it would help the audience to see by which titles we were inspired and why we chose these specific titles.

Furthermore, I decided to screen recording, while I was doing the titles, so that I could explain how to do those in detail using Final Cut Pro X. Before doing the screen recording I wrote down a list to make sure that we got all the titles that we needed. These were:


Under starring we wanted to write 3 star names from movies we have been inspired by. Therefore we chose names such as Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Connolly from "The Cabin in the woods" and Adrienne King from "Friday the 13th".


Under this, we used the actual names of the 2 of us that had played in the film.
Bronwen Vaughan
Jonathan Paris

Edited by:

Jonathan Paris


Bronwen Vaughan

Produced by: 

Sophie Rasmussen

Sound by 

Max Genson


Sophie Rasmussen


James Wan

Below you can see the video of the titles I created:

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